About Us

About Us

In the journey for beautiful skin, Riiko looked at the market and was frustrated at what she can find. The products on the market are mostly generic, lacks scientific research to back their claim, and most importantly… she wants the best for herself.

And so she decided to research and develop her brand of skincare, a product that she’s willing to take herself. “Riiko” was thus born in 2019!

Riiko believes that the product should be scientifically researched, developed, and most importantly, affordable.

Beauty shouldn’t be that difficult!


Scientific research suggests that collagen is best when absorbed by our body when taken orally, and with that in mind… Riiko is designed for just that, to ensure that you are taking care of yourself, the best way scientifically possible!

Dermatologist around the world agrees that upon reaching 25, our body starts to age. The signs of aging come to the surface, and the collagen structure within our body begins to deteriorate, and the collagen production also decreases… to make it worst, the UV rays from the sun also decompose the collagen within our body.

The aging clock continues ticking and the collagen has to be replenished often. Our body is in a constant state of “collagen degradation and degeneration”, as such, we need to replenish the collagen to ensure an optimal state… to stay young, healthy, and to make up for the loss of collagen from daily activities.

Riiko is to be taken once a day, to ensure your body remains in optimal condition to maintain your youth and enhance your skin health.

From research and development, the sourcing of high-quality ingredients, and manufacturing. Riiko makes a meticulous effort into ensuring the best quality products are delivered to our consumers.